Knowing Your Skin Type

Since I ventured into the art of formulating organic and natural grooming products, I have had many customers quiz me on how they can identify their skin type, especially the face. This blog post will take you through the journey of not only identifying your skin type but also sourcing for products that are suitable for it.

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Skin Types Chart

There are many ways on how to identify your skin type. The process below is proven to be the easiest and the most result-oriented way. *Step one: you need to wash your face and pat dry gently. *Step two: Ditch makeup for about a few hours; allow the skin on your face to breathe. *Step three: After a few hours, feel the skin on your face and evaluate. Does your face feel oily, dry, or just there? These three steps will give you an insight into the type of skin you have. Now that I have walked you through how you can identify your skin type, let's talk about sourcing grooming products for your face, especially. There are majorly three types of skin types and they are: normal, oily, and dry. Interestingly, some people can have a combination of two or all three. It is not out of the ordinary. A major factor to consider here is the time of year and what the weather feels like at your location. Skin Types and what to use: Now that you know how to discover your skin type and probably carried out the experiment, let's talk about the suitable grooming items for your type of skin. *Normal: If this is you, you are lucky! Your skin has the complete moisture-protein balance to accommodate any product formulation. Go ahead and choose from a variety of chemical-free products without looking back. *Dry: With a dry skin type, you need to choose products that help restore moisture to your skin. Lotions and creams will get the job done faster. Whipped Butter made with either shea butter, mango butter, or cocoa butter should also work. *Oily: Any product that has the capability of drawing dirt out of the pores will work. Charcoal masks for the face are a great option. *Combination: All of the aforementioned products are great for you. However, also be vigilant when trying a new product.

*Sensitive: If this is you, you need to choose your products carefully. Importantly, you need to avoid chemicals and fragrances. You can opt for oils that are fortified in fatty acids and antioxidants. As the world battles different diseases and infections, you want to be sure your skincare products are free of harmful chemicals that are capable of exposing you to environmental toxins. Buy products that are formulated with love. They may be a little pricey than those on your regular store shelves, factory-produced chemicalized items, but they would be worth every penny in the long run. For questions and product recommendation, send an email to You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @mysecretbodyoils.

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